Academic-Secretary of Academy of sciences of Turkmenistan

Participating session(s)
Session 4
Topic: Hydrogen - fuel of the future?

Rahmanguly Esedulayev graduated from Turkmen Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Technology for Oil and Gas Furnace Development and Complex Mechanization, Mining Engineer ” in 1971. Rahmanguly Esedulayev earned his Research Doctorate degree in 1979 and his Doctor of Sciences degree in 1994. Rahmanguly Esedulayev has been a correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan from 2010 to the present. Rahmanguly Esedulayev has more than 400 scientific and methodological works, including more than 30 patents, 12 monographs and two textbooks. Under his leadership, 10 candidate and 3 doctoral dissertations have been prepared so far, and 3 of them have defended their PhD and 1 Doctorate dissertation. Rahmanguly Esedulayev was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Worker of Industry of Turkmenistan" (2009), "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Turkmenistan" (2018).