UN Resident Coordinator for Turkmenistan

Participating session(s)
Plenary Session

Mr. Dmitry Shlapachenko of Ukraine has devoted more than 21 years to working for the United Nations (UNDP, DPKO, DPA) both in HQ and in the field. He also served as a Team Leader for the Horn of Africa as well as UNITAMS backstopping teams in DPPA-DPO. His postings included Tajikistan, Kosovo, New York, Vienna, Iraq and Somalia. His functions ranged from development and socio-economic issues to civil affairs, constitution-making, strategic planning, UN coordination, minority rights and political affairs. Prior to joining the UN System in 1999, he worked with US Peace Corps, OSCE and was a prolific writer on international politics for leading publications in Ukraine. He obtained a PhD in International Relations from Kyiv University, a Masters Degree in International Relations (LSE, London), a Bachelor and a Masters Degree in International Journalism (Kyiv University), a Masters Degree in Political Science (Central European University, Budapest) and a one-yea fellowship in International Journalism and Public Policy (Duke University, USA).